for the the mind, the body, and the space

The same tenants of our approach to energetic design are used in our personal sessions.  We offer various private services bto accommodate both individuals and groups.

All Private Crystal Healing Sessions in NYC are currently located at The Four Seasons Downtown New York, in Tribeca. You can reserve your session directly through the spa at 646.880.1990. If you already have some suggested times that would work for you, we would be happy to consult Rashia’s schedule, and then we can loop you in with the hotel to confirm your appointment.

Private Session Scheduling Inquiries can be sent to

To schedule a time to discuss your Interior Design Consultation or which Private Session might be right for you, you can do so HERE.

Please note the calendar below is just a reference for ease of reserving, and does not represent full availability.

Please email or use the form at the bottom of this page for additional availability.


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