Is it Feng Shui?

Our work is based on combined 32 years of interior design experience mixed with design savvy aesthetic approach.  While we agree with many principles of feng shui, this is not feng shui.  We do not divide your entire space in the bagua, tell you to hang a mirror on a random wall, paint a wall red, or put a water element in the middle of your entry.  We base our work on form, function, the use of space and how it flows. We address spaces and their existing energy in a process that transforms both the people and their living environment.  In the end we create energetically balanced spaces with clarity and cohesion merging the aesthetic with the energetic. 


How involved are you?

Our involvement varies project to project based on the needs of each client.  We can be as involved as you like.  Many of our clients have busy lives and busy work schedules that leave them depleted. So by the time they get home, they have little energy to deal with the laundry list of things that they want to fix.  As a result, many people get stuck in their lives, repeating their same old habits.  Many of us, need someone to be with them every step of the way and just do it for them to get it done and reap the rewards.  On the full scale spectrum, we literally go in and hold your hand throughout the process making it effortless and seamless for you.  With other clients, they do not need as much hand-holding and just need some minor tweaks in their space to have it flow and function better. 


Why crystalize your home?

Crystallizing is a process that adds the finishing touch to a space. It seals, harmonizes and stabilizes the energetic shifts we have put into place. 


What if you don't like crystals?

You most certainly do not need to purchase any crystals for your home. The crystal therapy is an additional service we encourage but of course is not necessary.  If that does not appeal to you, we can simply offer organizational & interior design solutions for your home to better support you.


What happens in a crystal healing session?

Upon completing your intake form, discussing your intension and lying down, you are then gently brought into a meditation as crystals are placed along the chakra points of the body and its surround. You will be guided  on a journey that allows you clear the energetic pathways of the body and tap into your subconscious. You are fully engaged and awake as you are answering questions that allow the energy blockages to surface and the clearing take place.


What if I don't want to talk in my session, I just want to relax?

We hope that you embrace the session with openness, but if at anytime you feel you would prefer to relax, you may remain silent and the guide will not be offended.  Instead, you will be aided in your meditation in a way that does not require you to speak  which can still foster healing effects.


What if I feel uncomfortable or am in pain?

Different stones often bring up different feelings and emotions, so by letting your guide know where the discomfort is they can oftentimes change the stone or it's placement to find a way to alleviate it.  However, should this not work, you are always able to pause or stop the session at any time.  We do not want anyone to be in distress as this is an experience that should bring forth and promote positivity. 


How frequently should I do crystal healing?

It really depends on the individual and if there are specific areas you would like to work on that require more attention.  Longer healing sessions may only be needed periodically, while shorter chakra clearings can be incorporated into a regular wellness practice and are complimentary to many other healing modalities to balance energy levels.  They give you tools that you can bring into your everyday life.